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Aqaba Logistics Village Launches Its Integrated Strategy To Introduce Its services

Aqaba Logistics village launched yesterday its integrated strategy to publicize its work and services provided to its customers, in the presence of government institutions, freight forwarders, shipping and clearing agents, customs and senior Jordanian import and export merchants, on the village site south of Aqaba Special Economic Zone adjacent to the Containers Port Company.

Aqaba Logistics Village project is a translation to Aqaba Development Company (ADC) 's vision to provide the best logistics services in Aqaba, which will serve as a drive to preserve the competitive performance of the Ports of Aqaba, and having contracted under BOT system for a 25-year contract between ADC and the coalition of Agility Logistics, an international company, and Kawar Group , a Jordanian group of companies, in 2007, which was chosen based on efficiency, financial proposal and development program.

The project aims to develop a logistics pool under the name "Aqaba Logistics Village", and to provide all integrated logistics services in addition to providing storage services for containers and goods thereby serving movement of trade both in the Kingdom and the region in general. This contract will be implemented in three developmental stages beginning in 2007 and extends to the end 2016, with an aggregate investment of approximately $ 100 million.

During the ceremony, Chief Executive Officer of ADC ,Imad Fakhoury, made a welcoming speech to the guests and said: "This investment comes in implementation of the directions of His Majesty King Abdullah II, and to achieve the goals and philosophy of the Declaration on the city of Aqaba as a special economic zone, which is part of the plan of ADC designed to accelerate and scale up action in logistics facilities and services, as well as contributing to the enrichment of the absorption capacity of ports, and maintaining high performance standards. The volume of the growing work in the container port , and the economic sectors' need in general and commercial sector in particular for sophisticated logistics services made ADC create this logistics assembly, under the name " Aqaba Logistics Village" to provide all integrated logistics services in terms of storing goods and handling of cargo containers to serve the trade movement in the Kingdom in particular and the region in general."

Fakhouri also added that Aqaba Logistics Village Company is an example of ADC's success in achieving the perfect model of the real effective partnership between the public and private sectors, and maximizing private sector participation in development , management and operation, as it stimulates economic mobility in the region and raises the frequency of logistics services in it thus forming unprecedented attraction factors, and that other supporting sectors will greatly benefit from activation of logistics services in Aqaba, such as transport, clearing, trade and public utilities in the region, which will contribute to serving the national economy and enhancing competitiveness at the regional level during the next few years, which will reflect positively on the general philosophy for the objectives of the Special Zone and within the master plan for Aqaba Special Economic Zone."

Fakhoury also indicated that : "The Aqaba Development Company takes logistics services sector in the region with paramount importance as part of its efforts to transform Aqaba into a multi-media logistics and commercial gateway, and as an additional building block after launching projects of entering the private sector in the container port and maritime services, and air cargo facility at King Hussein Airport and ADC complex of storehouses and industries to provide with storage requirements and logistics in the region, and to bring these services to the global levels. He also emphasized the readiness of Aqaba Container Port to provide logistics and economic services in a high level after the successes achieved, and reduced waiting time for ships in which to zero, and application of sidewalks windows system, and growth in handling volume by more than 40%, and handling more than 63 thousand TEU in one month , which is deemed a precedent in the history of the port. He further said that and after the completion of the three stages of development, the " Aqaba Logistics Village" would be the largest logistics destination of its kind in Jordan, and would provide great and various services to industrial, commercial and service sectors in the Kingdom, and would attract more cargo traffic for Jordan and the surrounding countries, especially the state of Iraq, taking in consideration stages of reconstruction of Iraq caused by the war."

For his part, Board Member and Director General of the Aqaba Logistics Village Mr. Nizar Bokoor said: "Aqaba Logistics Village" completed the first phase, and completed all development work for the village, which was to be completed by early next year in accordance with the agreements signed with the Aqaba Development Company, covering infrastructure construction, and building a 10 thousand square meters container handling area for broken down cargo handling and storage (LCL), and the courtyards of external storage with an area of 5 thousand square meters, and logistics center with an area of 10 thousand square meters divided into two areas for cold storage and dry storage, platform weighting establishment, and service center . there have been completed the development of an area of 5 thousand square meters of buildings in order to serve customers dealing with the village."

Bokoor emphasized that "Aqaba Logistics Village time racing in view of its sparing more than twelve months in its first stages of development has enabled it to provide a wide range of logistics services to the local and regional business sector, in which comes first export cargo handling services, including transportation of the container port to the village and returning the empty containers, and loading and unloading of containers, and the direct handling of goods from a container to another, or from the container to the carrier. "Aqaba Logistics Village" will be developed over three phases, logistics, and will be operated according to the contract for a period of 25 years so that the project will be developed in the form of an integrated village that provides it customers wioth all the required services in a manner characterized by easy procedures and possible clearing of all transactions of different types within the scope of the village and on the basis of one-window service."

Bokoor also made it clear that "The developmental work for the second phase of the village will begin early 2011 for a period of two years, and will include the infrastructure works, and building two logistics centers with a total area of 20 thousand square meters, and additional storage area of 5 thousand square meters, and external handling and storage areas with an area of 25 thousand square meters. Then comes the development works for the third phase, which is expected to begin in 2014 for two years as well. This phase includes the provision of infrastructure and two logistics centers with a total area of 20 thousand square meters, and an additional storage lot with an area of 5 thousand square meters, and allocation and preparation of plots of land to attract regional distribution centers." .

Bokoor also reviewed the experiences of Company in coordination with ADC, with a number of companies and investment institutions, such as the Palestinian Shippers Council and Palestinian Trade Commission. The company also has contracts concluded with Iraqi investors and traders, where the company is to provide the services of handling and storage of transit cargo, in addition to providing service to companies wishing to make Aqaba a staging point for the distribution of goods to the Fertile Crescent and the Red Sea region. He also added that through the system of services provided within the walls of the village, the village will serve the local business sectors on more than one level, as it embraces the largest logistics center for divided cargo handling (LCL) in Jordan ,which is equipped with the latest handling machinery, and specialized computer systems that will enable the beneficiaries to buy goods of less than the full size of the container , and to store ,and receive them from the Village safely and easily. The Village also offers storage services and added logistics services in terms of sorting of goods, packaging and re-packaging, building pallets for un-packaged and bulk goods , transfer of containers from the container port to the village, and unloading them and then returning the empty containers as well as direct handling (unloading containers and loading them directly on the carrier).

Bokoor stated that all of these services currently being offered in the Village in a secure and protected environment around the clock, noting that the provision of these services by the Village spare local merchants and beneficiaries of these services the need to invest in special storage spaces and the associated added cost, and enable them to benefit from this investment in expenditure and focus on their core business.

logistics sector in Aqaba Special Economic Zone is considered to be one of the most important sectors, in view of what the Zone has in terms of diversity of strategic potential , economic items and system of ports , airport, roads and lands to form today the gate for logistics services to the Kingdom and the Middle East in general, due to Aqaba becoming a main multimodal transport center through developed network of land, sea and air ways, while King Hussein International Airport in Aqaba operates on the basis of open skies policy, away from the traditional landing procedures, and provides air services for passenger and cargo transportation, and offers investment opportunities and integrated logistics services, and inter - shipping and air services and industries related to aviation activities, which enhance the logistics capabilities for the Aqaba Economic Zone that posses the largest power sources, not to mention that it is the most stable in the region, and not only includes the latest communication systems technology , but also a direct line of natural gas from Egypt, as well as the first independent Aqaba water company that runs a water facility in Jordan.

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