Phase 2
ALV’s Phase 2 construction project began in November 2014, with the aim of inaugurating the new facilities one year later.

Phase 2 is a brand new concept for Aqaba, designed to be flexible enough to handle many categories of business so that ALV’s product offerings can evolve with developments in cargo flows and the changing environment of the region.

At Phase 2, customers can access a variety of import and export services within high specification warehouses and open yards. This new logistics infrastructure will handle both short- and long-term storage, distribution by land and sea, third-party logistics services and cross-stuffing between trucks and shipping containers.

ALV’s Phase 2 facilities:
• 10,000m2 multipurpose warehouse with 16 dock-levelers for high capacity operations
• 3,000m2 covered shed
• 18,000m2 open yards paved with extra heavyduty interlocking tiles
• 23,000m2 specialised vehicles storage yard
• Mezzanine offices for rental