ALV Services Portal


This web application was designed for Aqaba Logistics Village (ALV) to offer both public and customer services in a manner that permit to:

  • Prepare invoices for E-Payment.
  • Track BL status and stage.
  • Online upload of AWDMS Index file by Container Agents.

An anonymous non registered person can perform the following operations:

  • Pay an invoice through E-Fwateercom: any anonymous person “not registered” can obtain an electronic payment number for an invoice related to a certain BL just by search using BL number, the search operation inform the user about the readiness of the invoice for payment.
  • Track a certain BL status and stage: the anonymous search operation for a certain BL will present the status and the stage of the BL and further summary information about it.

ALV Registered Customers Services

An active registered customer can perform the following operations after login:

  • Prepare invoices for E-Payment: only the invoice with electronic payment number can be used for e-payment through eFwateercom service, a registered customer can obtain an invoice electronic payment number by choosing more than one invoice or a part of an invoice for services allready generated or issued by ALV.
  • Track BL’s status and stage: an ALV customer can track his BL’s in all their stages and drilldown to view various information about a BL related.
  • Upload AWDMS file: registered customers marked as container agents can use this functionality to import AWDMS XML file to ALV system.

E-Tracking for Public Users

E-Tracking for Registered Customers